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If people are responsible for any aspect of physical security, they should listen closely to cloud-based security trends. It’s no secret that traditional computer systems present a significant risk to businesses and individuals. Whether it’s the failure of one single device or a more widespread technology problem, data loss, ransomware, viruses, etc., there is a significant financial and reputational risk when these things happen. Here are cloud-based physical security trends that are shaping businesses in 2022.

  1. Remote Management

It’s no secret that remote management of computers and other devices is a basic trend in the security world. However, the real game-changer will be when government agencies use remote management to turn smart items on and off. In 2022, we will begin to see more automation and integration into smart home technology. We will soon see a wide range of devices (e.g., thermostats, security cameras) that can respond to localized events or remotely by an agent (e.g., a remote management cloud service).

  1. Updating and Automation

As much as cloud-based physical security systems are effective, they are also difficult to use. In 2022, we will begin to see software or device updates in a cloud-based physical security system. This will allow users to quickly deploy new features and events without being an expert on the system. While this is already possible in some cases, this trend will be particularly prevalent in 2022 because it’s very difficult for most people to learn how to use physical security systems when they first start.

  1. Smarter Management with AI

The development of artificial intelligence will continue to change how we manage systems. With this development, security events can be managed in real-time. For example, suppose a person triggers a sensor (e.g., for smoke or heat). In that case, the alarm can automatically be called, and it can automatically be sent to the local fire department or police. While these are just two examples, AI will help make cloud-based physical security systems more efficient and easier to use in 2022.

  1. Convergence of Physical and Cyber Security

In the new world of cloud-based physical security, there are no lines between physical and cyber security. A solid cloud-based physical security service will use cyber security tools to monitor and prevent attacks on the protected assets. This allows for perfect integration with other systems, making users feel even more protected when cyber events occur.


It’s no secret that cloud-based physical security systems are becoming increasingly popular. When you can use them at the right time, they can make an enormous difference in security, and they will be a critical aspect of business in 2022. To gain better leverage over cloud-based physical security trends in 2022, it’s important to know what systems and vendors exist in the market today.