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Introducing new kinds of technology can be a challenging task. People get used to the systems that are already in place and are reluctant to change. Depending on the system, it may require a basic understanding of the technology in order to operate. Often implementation fails to get a majority of the company on board; people can be discouraged and return to old systems. Here are some tips for introducing new technology to your teams and helping them integrate it into their workflow.

Pick Something Everyone Finds Useful

The first step to getting your employees excited about a new system is choosing something that will improve their lives. Start by researching how your employees work and how you can make things easier for them. If your changes benefit your team, you will encounter less resistance to their implementation.

Inform Your Team

You should inform your team as soon as you’ve decided to implement new systems to help them prepare for the rollout. Giving people as much information as possible and enough time to absorb it will ensure a better transition.

Train Your Team

You should institute a formal training process so that everyone in your organization is able to learn the new systems in a structured and timely manner. Provide ongoing support for anyone who encounters problems with the plan and provide a way for people to report anything they don’t like or that doesn’t work.

Get People Excited

Find people who are excited about the new technology at different levels of your organization to act as ambassadors. People will be more inclined to try something new when their peers are enthusiastic about it. Make sure these people understand the technology well and can help show their team members how to use it effectively. 

Provide Ongoing Support

Periodically offer refresher training, or invite anyone still having trouble with the systems to attend training on the system for incoming employees. Making sure that your team members continue to feel supported and comfortable asking questions about the system is key to successful integration. 

New technologies can help people dramatically improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Still, it’s vital to create a good plan for gradual implementation in order to make sure everyone is on the same page.